Calling all Chefs

Chefs' Bus Restaurant London

Chefs’ Bus: a new, unique, limitless offering …

Are you ready? A one-of-a-kind classic Routemaster London bus with a distinctive look and eye-catching presence is about to grace the streets of London. Our bus has a fully-functional chef’s kitchen on-board, complete with all the trimmings.

Chefs’ Bus is a place of life, exchange and sharing – located on the roads of London. It’s a new concept, restaurant bus which welcomes resident Chefs to animate the space for a desired period if time.

The bus can be hired;

  • as a pop up
  • to launch a new seasonal menu
  • for a festival
  • to create a TV series exploring different cuisines
  • to run daily tours offering the best seasonal menu

You can choose to either park the bus in a set location or pick a tailored route across the streets of London. So why not take your guests’ breath away by running an incredible fine dining event on the move?

Calling all Chefs, extend your horizons … be seen …

We have 1-2 & even 3 star Michelin Chefs lined up. With local enthusiasts and food lovers also expressing interest! So, get in touch today and don’t miss out!

We all start somewhere and we hope this unconventional, quirky, fun, and outgoing Cuisine Show will uplift and create many future stars.

Chef occupancy periods can vary from one to six months depending on requirements. Allowing a fabulous opportunity for guests to discover a new culinary identity that will promote exchange and discovery.


Chefs' Bus Restaurant London - London's Culinary Journey

Chefs, bartenders, sommeliers or similar, do get in touch to share your passion and perhaps animate the Chefs’ Bus for a month or more…

15 + 8 =

Chefs' Bus


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